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 The Family Business, {jcink} Supernatural RP
 Posted: Aug 13 2014, 09:52 AM


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The Family Business
saving people, huntings things

A play-by-post Supernatural RPG.


It’s the year 2015

With the passing of the centuries, stories of creatures that haunt the night and hide in closets have fallen into myths and legends.

However, there are a select few who know the truth, those who have been delegated the task of protecting humankind against the horrors that lurk in the shadows, and those unlucky enough to have been sought out by those that wish them harm.

Now, there is a new war, a new battle for life on earth. The Vampire Council of Castle Demours have made it their mission over the last thousand years to take the human race by storm, and claim the world for their own. The Lycanthropes of the Americas, the Lycan Authority, have caught wind of the Vampire’s plan, and will stop at nothing to cease all attempts on human life.

This distraction of Vampires and Werewolves have left the fate of humans open, and creatures of the night, Ghouls, shifters, Changelings, Fae, Ghosts, Vetala and many more, now have seized their opportunity to strike on innocent human’s lives, and take them for their own.

The hunters know only one thing, that the creature uprising is causing more chaos than usual, slaughterings of entire towns, dead left in the streets, missing person’s cases are piling up and authorities are seeking the help of anyone, or perhaps anything, than can help. Can they put a stop to this, or will they lose the world to the creatures of the nights?

Where are the Angels? Where are the demons? And where are you?

Join us, as we fight over the fate of the world. The existence of the world as we know it could very well be down to one person, and that person could be you.

Join the family today
We're waiting. For you.

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